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Building a Stronger Future, Stronger Communities and Protecting the Rural Agricultural Character of El Dorado County


Our Mission

El Dorado County Growers Advocacy Alliance provides advocacy for the promotion and protection of independent farms and businesses in the cannabis industry and for the protection of the public health and patient’s rights, the restoration of natural resources and watersheds, the growth of economic activity and to provide for the general welfare of communities. See our "Community Commitment" Here.


In performing this mission, the alliance shall further the general interest of the commercial cannabis industry and not the interest of any one business or alliance member. 


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Commercial Cannabis is now in El Dorado County Because of Growers
Joining Together and Working Together



The Alliance brings together the power of El Dorado County growers to make a positive viable legal market and at the same time assist in protecting communities from the effects of the cannabis illicit market. EDCGAA 3.0 is now reincorporated as a nonprofit advocacy organization.


The Growers Alliance works collectively for the benefit of EDC cannabis businesses. The entire State licensing process and system is not set up for small farmers, it is set up for well-funded businesses that can afford to take their time through the process and even potentially lose money for the first couple years. It is our goal as the EDCGAA to collectively make this process as inexpensive and quick as possible.

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