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About Us

The El Dorado County Growers Alliance is incorporated under California state law as a mutual benefit trade association. Through teamwork, we achieve the legal legitimacy for existing and new cannabis Growers. Additionally, the alliance supports the development of all commercial cannabis-related activities in the county, including cultivation retail, distribution, processing, and manufacturing of commercial cannabis products.  We will help El Dorado County cultivators transition to the legal permitted market.  We can help to reduce costs by working together to create a regional competitive advantage.



On this page, you will learn about us, our common goals and most importantly, how we can have success short and long term.


Meet The Team


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the El Dorado Grower's Alliance?


We saw a need in our county to give the growers a voice and that is what started this all. We are existing small cannabis Growers in the county, interested dispensaries, and ancillary cannabis businesses. In just this short amount of time, we already have "a seat at the table" for policy change and can accomplish so much more with your help.


EDCGA was the driving force behind the campaign to pass El Dorado County measures N, P, Q, R & S. The measures were developed by the El Dorado County Ad Hoc Cannabis Committee and placed on the ballot by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. They are obvious over-regulation of County's commercial cannabis business. Nevertheless, they are beginning step to enabling El Dorado County cultivators to come out of the shadows. The truth of cannabis policy is that it is changing very quickly. Unfortunately, cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses have to prove that they are good community businesses. We know that it's just a matter of time before cannabis cultivation is treated like grape cultivation.  Simply put the November vote was a vote yes or no for commercial cannabis in the County.  The measures all passed by a 60% yes margin. Commercial cannabis is supported by the public in El Dorado County!


Why is there a need for the El Dorado Grower's Alliance?



Beyond the public policy necessity of creating cannabis legality and legitimacy, cannabis growers and cannabis businesses have been persecuted for the last century. Many of the current cannabis community members have had their property seized and been prosecuted for what is the equivalent of growing wine grapes. This is a fundamental Civil Rights issue. Cannabis Growers should not be treated like criminals because they are not. Despite any side effects that cannabis policy might have in the future, they will not match the negative effects of stealing cannabis business' and their family's property and putting people in jail. EDCGA will stand side by side with County policymakers, if cannabis-related problems show up in the community, and we will work to reduce those problems.


Longer-term the alliance will protect the permits of El Dorado County cannabis businesses and work promote El Dorado County cannabis as one of the Premier cannabis products in the world.



What Do El Dorado County's Commercial Cannabis Permits Allow?


El Dorado County currently has permits for retail, delivery, distribution, indoor and outdoor cultivation. They are also considering manufacturing, nurseries, and laboratory permits.


The County is allowing 150 cultivation “operations.”  It is unclear how many permits this includes. Cultivation permits are limited to properties of 10 acres or more zoned RL, AG, LA, or PA. There are numerous requirements that the County has for growers to get permits. You can see the County commercial cannabis rules and current ordinance here.


The Community Benefits Too



In a nutshell, yes cannabis is a valuable source for helping our community. There is a mix of ancillary industry that could benefit but initially, it will be primarily the Growers who are facing an existential risk of being civil fined out of existence. With the new law there's a whole host of new enforcement entities that are trying to enforce the regulation such as the state water boards or the California Department of Forestry and Agriculture. We are here to ensure our community has locally grown high-quality cannabis available for adult use sale.


Right now, the cannabis business already exists in El Dorado County. The state estimates that there is currently 300,000 pounds of cannabis grown in El Dorado County. Legal cannabis Growers will put pressure on the county and regulators to regulate illegal grows. We will be allies with the community to limit the gangster grows. We are not gangsters. The cannabis money from taxes and business multipliers has rejuvenated counties that were devastated by the failure of the timber industry and filled coffers in the other states with tax money that previously was part of the illicit market. Funds from cannabis taxes can be used to meet important Community needs such as buying ambulances for Garden Valley and Georgetown, beefing up addiction education programs for schools, hiring school mental health counselors, assisting with homeless housing programs and funding County permitting activities as well as meeting whatever other government funding needs the taxes to provide, for example filling potholes.



What Can I do?



Become a Member of the El Dorado Grower's Alliance - Click Here to sign up



What are the benefits of becoming a Member?


The primary benefit that you get is having an advocate in El Dorado County lobbying on your behalf to influence the laws in this County...that means following the ordinances passed in November of 2018 and working to make them better for cannabis businesses. Being a member of the El Dorado County Grower's Alliance means that you are joining a political force that will have an impact. If the Cannabis community does not become politically active by registering to vote and developing this political organization it will not get What It Wants in the county. The land use anti-growth nimbys and anti-cannabis Community groups will be the ones controlling the policy. Joining together with the resources of our community will make a difference politically.


Simply Put...Here is what the Alliance can do for you:


  • Provide general help with permitting.

  • Reduce costs for mandatory State and County application, reports and inspections through joint contracting with required experts.

  • Provide direct communication with county staff to voice our member's needs and concerns.

  • Informational seminars with State & County officials related to licensing, ie Water Board, Ag Department

  • Informational seminars with Industry Experts

  • Reduce costs through regional supplier and marketing deals.



What are some of the things EDCGA is planning for community involvement?


We are currently planning a calendar of workshops to prepare growers for El Dorado Counties permitting requirements.


Please visit our Calendar Link to see the events in your area (Please check back frequently as we are adding more).



EDCGA Community Commitment


  • —Protect public health and welfare

  • —Promote patient’s rights

  • —Promote sustainable agriculture

  • —Preserve natural resources and watersheds

  • —Work for the mutual welfare and benefit of the community at large

  • —Promote public safety and childhood access prevention

  • —Promote well sourced education, information and science

  • —Promote cannabis industry small farms and businesses

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