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Our Community


Born of service to patients, El Dorado County’s cannabis growers have provided medical cannabis to dispensaries over the last 20 years. With the new power of local governments and the state to regulate commercial cannabis activity, we have to ensure our place in the legal marketplace.


El Dorado County has developed unique quality cannabis strains utilizing the local micro-climates. We have a strong community of Growers, but a community that is used to hanging out in the woods. Now we are organizing as a political force.

Cannabis Agriculture


Unreported Cannabis agriculture is El Dorado County's largest agricultural crop. An estimated 300,000 pounds is grown in EDC and has a wholesale value of $300,000,000 and a retail value of  $1,710,000,000.  Some of this money in future could be used for environmental compliance and taxes.


Apples $19,278,173 $15,713,093

Livestock $10,692,082 $11,307,979

Wine Grapes $8,740,953 $8,098,780

Timber $5,322,915 $13,221,276

Hay and Pasture $4,934,530 $4,851,310

Other Fruit and Nut Crops $3,777,401 $2,911,410

Nursery $2,567,417 $2,467,883

Christmas Trees $2,407,686 $2,330,926

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