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EDC Ad Hoc Committee Presentation

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

The Ad Hoc Committee presented an outline of the five ballot measures that they plan to propose to the full Board of Supervisors at their meeting July 17, 2018. The Board of Supervisors will vote the place the ballot measures on the November 2018 election. The five measures include a tax and enforcement measure that has to pass for any of the other measures to be valid.

The ballot measure include two cultivation measures, one for commercial medical cultivation and one for commercial adult-use cultivation. The cultivation permits are limited to 150 permits. Two of the measures seek approval for seven retail permits.

Here is the presentation

NOTE: EDC staff have changed some of the detail of the ballot measures already so you can't rely on 100% of the detail not changing before the July 17th BOS agenda is posted. For example, staff have clarified that large parcels over 25 acres are limited to 5% or 2 acres of canopy and 6 permits.

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