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Read the Text of El Dorado County's Commercial Cannabis Ordinances

The November 6, 2018 El Dorado County California election was a transformational vote for commercial cannabis in the Sierra foothills.

The ordinances provide the permitting structure for the county. You can find a link to the ordinances here. They are contained in total within the voter pamphlet. It'll likely take the county sometime to set up the application process. The alliance will push them to work quickly. The County's cannabis businesses need as early start as possible as a country marches forward towards full commercial cannabis legalization.

The County's regulations are pretty comprehensive and some would say overreaching. The Growers will need to be vigilant to ensure that the regulations, overtime when amended, get easier for small Growers to comply with rather than harder. The Alliance is committed to working on behalf of all cannabis businesses large or small and not just those that are Alliance members.

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