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Licensing Will Cause New Economic Activity

When growers get legal licenses they:

  • Hire employees

  • Build security features - fences, cameras, lights and alarms

  • Build buildings, driveways, sheds and greenhouses

  • Add rural fire fighting features with water tanks, fire hydrants and better access driveways

  • Contract for construction

  • Contract for accounting and legal services

  • Buy supplies and equipment

Two Years after Licensing became Law, not one commercial cannabis license has been issued by the County 
Ask Your Supervisor to Make the Licensing Program Work


  • Getting the Sheriff to follow the law and perform background check recommendations with the available data like Nevada and Calaveras Counties do.

  • Providing the resources to the Planning Dept. to quickly process license applications

  • Reducing useless '800 and 1,500' setbacks to the setbacks appropriate for individual sites

  • Allowing electrical stubs to power lights and fans in hoop houses

  • Allow provisional licenses for growers with CUP applications

District One Supervisor John Hidahl (530) 621-5650  | District Two Supervisor George Turnboo (530) 621-5651 | District Three Supervisor Wendy Thomas Phone:  (530) 621-5652 | District Four Supervisor Lori Parlin
Phone:  (530) 621-6513 | District Five Supervisor Sue Novasel (530) 621-6577

You can support the cause of Commercial Cannabis by becoming a Member of the Alliance!! 

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